Sales Consulting

Are you currently considering how to launch a new product, expand your sales market or grow your customer base?

Is international expansion occupying your thoughts?

Or are you already active abroad, but not satisfied with the results?

The core task and responsibility of the sales force is to generate sales revenue with a specific margin of profit.

However, the fact that the current turnover is the result of decisions, either active choices or passive omissions, taken three to five years ago is often overlooked.

Alongside the strategic choices over customers and distribution partners and the development of trust in business relationships, the key success factors are the organisation of the sales process and the respective skill level of the sales staff.

Short comings in these areas are almost impossible to fix in the near term.

Therefore the most important prerequisite for successful sales is a clearly defined marketing strategy.

Through our sales consulting service, we support you in the following areas:

  • Analysis and evaluation of your sales activities (the performance of internal and external sales channels),

  • Preparation of business plans and design of concrete business models,

  • With the appropriate marketing strategy and sales processes, and selection of the right sales channels for your business (see Sales Channel Development),

  • Export consultancy focused on Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Eastern Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa,

  • With correct ways to deal with business partners abroad.

In implementing the above content, we place great emphasis on practical approaches and therefore, in particular, also give full consideration to your budget and personnel resources.